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On Day 4, awaken to the serene beauty of Gdańsk as your train glides into this historic port city. Start your exploration with a guided tour of the enchanting Old Town, where the rich tapestry of Gdańsk's maritime heritage and architectural marvels come alive. Wander through lively streets to Westerplatte, the symbolic site of the first battle in the European theater of World War II. After a delightful lunch, delve into a unique workshop focused on building the image of Poland, gaining insights into the nation’s identity and its portrayal on the world stage. As the sun sets, embark on a mesmerizing night boat cruise around the Bay of Gdańsk. Dine under the stars aboard the boat, with the city’s lights reflecting off the gentle waves. Cap off the evening as you board the night train to Kraków, carrying with you the memory of Gdańsk's stirring history and breathtaking vistas.


GDAŃSK - Day 4

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