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On Day 5 in Kraków, immerse yourself in the city's historical grandeur with a tour of the iconic Wawel Castle and the charming Old Town. Enjoy some leisurely free time, then deepen your cultural experience by meeting Polish and Ukrainian artists. The day also includes a unique opportunity to interact with US and Polish soldiers, offering insights into international military collaborations. Dine on local cuisine before ending the night with a lively concert or festival, celebrating Kraków's vibrant arts scene.

Day 6 continues the enriching journey with a meeting involving government representatives, discussing Poland's pressing challenges and potential opportunities. Savor some personal exploration time in the city, followed by an engagement with Kraków’s technology cluster, showcasing innovative developments in the region. The evening offers a cultural treat—an introduction to the works of the esteemed Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert, enhancing your appreciation for contemporary Polish literature and its profound narratives.


KRAKÓW - Days 5&6

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