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As dawn breaks, embark on a journey aboard an early morning train to the enchanting city of Toruń, Poland. Steeped in history and culture, Toruń invites travelers to step back in time with a guided tour of its meticulously preserved medieval district, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Delight in the sweet aroma of spices during an original gingerbread workshop in the city where this beloved treat was perfected centuries ago. Refuel with a local lunch before diving into a genealogy workshop, offering a unique opportunity to trace your family roots and connect with ancestral stories. The day continues with a tour of Toruń's impressive fortifications, providing a profound insight into Poland's complex history. After savoring traditional Polish cuisine at dinner, enjoy some leisure time to explore the city's vibrant evening ambiance. Conclude this captivating day as you board the night train to Gdańsk, ready for another adventure, hearts full and spirits high.


TORUŃ - Day 3

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