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Day 9 begins with an early morning bus ride from Zakopane back to Krakow, where you'll catch the Pendolino train to Warsaw, swiftly returning you to the bustling capital. In Warsaw, participate in a delightful pierogi-making workshop at a local restaurant, learning the art of crafting Poland's beloved dumplings—a truly hands-on culinary experience. Enjoy a free afternoon and evening, offering time to explore more of Warsaw's sights at your leisure or simply relax and soak in the city's vibrant atmosphere.

On Day 10, engage in a series of insightful meetings, starting with Polish government representatives, where you'll gain valuable perspectives on the nation's policies and initiatives. Follow this with a visit to the Warsaw Start-up Hub, meeting with the city's innovative start-up community to discuss cutting-edge projects and entrepreneurial ventures. Enjoy a casual lunch at We Work, mingling with professionals and creatives in a dynamic coworking space. After some free time in the afternoon, conclude your Polish adventure with a festive dinner, celebrating the rich experiences and connections formed over the course of the program. This final gathering serves as a perfect closure, reflecting on the journey and looking forward to future travels.



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