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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster greater understanding and collaboration between the citizens of Poland and the United States. Through educational and cultural exchange programs, we believe we can highlight and celebrate the shared history and traditions of these two great nations.


Our Belief

Heritage Polonia was born of a vision to celebrate and honor the shared cultural heritage of the United States and Poland. With initial sponsorship from a group of Polish-Americans, Heritage Polonia has launched with an inaugural trip planned for July 2024.

By offering American students with Polish heritage or a strong interest in Poland a unique international experience, we aim to help nurture global leaders who are impactful, informed, and empathetic. We recognize that solving global issues requires cooperation beyond borders, and collaboration grows as individuals engage with diverse cultures and histories.

We believe Heritage Polonia can represent a small step towards a more unified world, and in our case we strive to strengthen ties between America and Poland. Through this initiative, we not only celebrate and sustain our common heritage but also empower our youth to drive global change.

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