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Inaugural Trip Itinerary

Embark on a cultural and educational journey through Poland (July 7th-18th), designed specifically for Heritage Polonia. From the historic streets of Krakow to the poignant sites of Auschwitz, and the picturesque peaks of Zakopane, this itinerary offers a profound exploration of Poland's rich history, vibrant culture, and contemporary dynamics. Engage with government officials, innovative tech clusters, and artistic communities, complemented by hands-on workshops and immersive local experiences. Each day is carefully crafted to enrich understanding, spark curiosity, and foster connections, making this not just a trip, but a transformative adventure.  Please note the individual events described in each city are subject to change.


Departure - O'Hare to Warsaw

July 7th: Bags are packed! It's time to make your way to Chicago's O'Hare Airport as your journey is about to begin with an overnight flight to Warsaw.


Day 2 - Warsaw

July 9th: Delve deeper into the heart of Warsaw with a guided tour including visiting the serene Łazienki Park, walking through the historic Old Town, and entering the evocative Warsaw Uprising Museum, among other sites. Conclude your evening with leisure, soaking in the city's nocturnal charm.


Day 4 - Gdańsk

July 11th: Immerse yourself in the maritime charm and historical depth of this port city with a guided tour of the Old Town. Enjoy a local lunch, then then embark on a river and sea voyage to explore the city and the Bay of Gdansk. Conclude the day with the night train to Kraków, winding through the picturesque Polish landscape.


Day 6 - Kraków

July 13th: Your second day in Kraków unfolds with an informative session to discuss the challenges and opportunities within Poland today. Utilize some free time to further explore the city’s historical and cultural landmarks. Savor the sight of the town from the Vistula River during a picturesque boat cruise.  


Day 8 - Zakopane

July 15th: Embrace the breathtaking beauty of Zakopane with a morning hike to Morskie Oko, one of the most picturesque spots in the Tatra Mountains. After returning to Zakopane, refuel with a hearty local lunch. Spend the afternoon strolling through town, where a guided walk will introduce you to the unique architectural style and character of this mountain resort city. The day rounds off with a bonfire, providing an ideal setting for participants to bond and reflect on their shared experiences in Poland.


Day 10 - Warsaw

July 17th: Your final day in Warsaw offers valuable networking opportunities including a meeting with Polish government representatives to discuss pivotal national issues and initiatives. Next, immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial spirit of the city at the Warsaw Start-up Hub, engaging with dynamic members of the start-up community. Following lunch, utilize the afternoon for last-minute explorations or relaxation. The journey concludes with a festive dinner, celebrating your time spent in Poland.


Day 1 - Warsaw

July 8th: Begin your journey through Poland's storied past and vibrant present with an afternoon arrival in Warsaw. Settle into your hotel, then embark on a tour showcasing Warsaw’s iconic sights. As twilight overtakes the city, the day will conclude with a delightful dinner.  


Day 3 - Toruń

July 10th: Start your day with an early morning train ride to Toruń, a city renowned for its medieval architecture and rich heritage. Upon arrival, explore the historical wonders of Toruń, followed by a hands-on original gingerbread workshop, capturing the flavors of this traditional delicacy. After a local lunch, participate in a genealogy workshop to delve into tracing family roots. Enjoy dinner in this picturesque setting before some free time. Cap the night with a train ride to Gdańsk, ready for your next adventure.


Day 5 - Kraków

July 12th: Arrive in Kraków and begin your day with a tour of the majestic Wawel Castle and the enchanting streets of the Old Town, steeped in history and culture. The afternoon offers a unique cultural exchange to enhance your perspectives. The day concludes with a festive dinner followed by an engaging evening celebrating Kraków’s vibrant cultural scene.


Day 7 - Wieliczka / Auschwitz

July 14th: Begin the day with a bus journey to Wieliczka, where you will explore the remarkable underground world of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. After a lunch break, travel to Auschwitz for a somber and educational tour of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, a poignant reminder of historical atrocities. Continue your journey to Zakopane, nestled in the heart of the Tatra Mountains for a warm, cultural immersion in mountain folk traditions.


Day 9 - Warsaw

July 16th: Begin your day with an early morning bus ride to Krakow, followed by a swift journey back to Warsaw aboard the Pendolino, Poland's high-speed train. In Warsaw, dive into the delicious world of Polish cuisine with a pierogi-making workshop at one of the city's renowned restaurants. Learn the art of crafting these beloved dumplings from expert chefs. Enjoy a free afternoon and evening to explore more of Warsaw at your own pace, perhaps revisiting favorite spots or discovering new treasures in Poland’s dynamic capital.


Departure - Warsaw to O'Hare

July 18th: As your enriching Polish expedition draws to a close, pack your memories alongside your belongings and prepare for departure, reflecting on the profound experiences and new friendships forged.

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